To keep the e-mail on the Neighbors List manageable:

  • Be careful to have the subject line reflect the content
  • Pare down who you reply to -- reply to individuals if that makes sense, or just to the list if that makes sense
  • Pare down the quoted messages so that the whole thread of replies is not dragged along
  • If you have an item that is for sale, start the subject line with "For Sale:" and that way people who are not interested can skip over it.

If you want an ongoing ad, let Dorothy Firsching know. I have set up a section on the website and can expand it. It now has tutoring and piano lessons, but we could put section up there for events (such as jewelry sales) or even a calendar.

Neighborly and civic-minded topics are fine, but please continue to be polite and supportive of each other. No blatant advertising, spamming, or other mean behavior will be tolerated!  The neighbors have limited tolerance for political discussions on the list.