Olde Forge / Surrey Square. The most wonderful neighbors live here.

The Olde Forge - Surrey Square Neighborhood



We are fortunate to have multiple and diverse communications channels for reaching out to our residents. Below is a listing of all mechanisms available for communicating with Olde Forge and Surrey Square residents. These various modes have been invaluable during the Stay at Home order. Please take a look and consider “opting in” where appropriate. Additionally, if you are interested in helping with any of these communications channels, please contact Joan.

  • Neighborhood Sign Boards
    • Positioned at the intersections of Braddock and Twinbrook and Braddock and Pickett.
    • Updated with both Brandywine Pool and Civic Association activities.
    • The point of contact for the sign boards is Joan Bishop.
  • Olde Forge / Surrey Square Newsletters – 3 or 4 times per year.
    • Various authors.
    • Published by Joan Bishop with input from emails
    • Distributed via Neighbors List email and in print to those who request print format on their membership forms.
    • The print version is delivered by our volunteers.
  • Neighbors Email List
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Administered by Dorothy Firsching
    • Opt in/out on this website under E-Mail List, or via Dorothy.
    • E-mail list rules are available on this website.
  • OF/SS Website www.forgesquare.com
    • Administered by Dorothy Firsching
  • OF/SS Neighborhood Facebook Group
    • Olde Forge/Surrey Square; Fairfax, VA
    • Administered by Joan Bishop.
  • A-Frame Signs
    • Used by both Brandywine Swim Club and Forgesquare Civic Association
    • May be found in various locations based on time of year, events, etc.
    • The point of contact for the a-frame signs is Joan Bishop.
  • Email Civic Association Board using the Contact Us Form on this website

Newsletter Distribution Reminders

  • The newsletter is sent electronically to everyone who is on the neighborhood email list and to those who have requested it via email. For those of you who specified that you are willing to receive it electronically, this will be the only method of delivery.
  • For those who specified paper, we will hand-deliver the newsletter using volunteers.
  • For those who didn’t specify, we will place copies in the realtor-style “Take One” boxes mounted on the A-Frame sign (at Pickett and Helenwood).
  • If you have not specified, want to change your preference based on this information, or if you’ve forgotten how you answered the question, please contact Dorothy Firsching.